The Glass Prize 2017

Results 2022

Winner | Bullseye Glass Artists


Luisa Restrepo "Modular: Obsidian & Graphite"

For this piece I designed eight geometric shapes that form a ‘base module’. This, replicated, could cover a larger surface or even a wall. The title relates to the capacity of glass to simulate other materials. For the making I used black frit in a low temp kilncast process. Some of the facets are fully polished, simulating the texture of obsidian. Other planes were worked with fine grit, simulating graphite. Glass allows me to juxtapose these materials within the same geometry, regardless how different in nature. Depending on the light and the angle from where it’s viewed the planes multiply due to the reflective qualities of the polished black glass, which also plays with the satin finish of the other planes that absorb light instead of reflecting it, allowing the geometric composition to change as we move around the piece.

Technique: Kilncasting & Polishing

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Type of kiln used: Paragon Front Loader

Country: Colombia

Luisa RestrepoAbout the Artist:

Colombian born, Luisa now resides in México City with her studio, specialising in techniques ranging from contemporary jewellery, collectible design and performative actions. Her practice has mainly been based on exploring form and its permutations, experimenting with rhythm and pattern; the essential and the ambiguous; proportion and excess. She attended Wolverhampton University, England, where she studied 3D Design specialising in glass, and did her Masters in Design Studies at Cine y Televisión University in México. Luisa has completed residencies at North Lands Creative & CGSC, and has taught at schools including Pilchuck Glass School & Urban Glass. She was awarded first prize at the Bogota Museum of Glass Biennale, Colombia and by the Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan. Her work has been showcased both nationally and internationally.

"To participate in The Glass Prize gives me the opportunity to show my work to the jurors and an audience that I don’t necessarily have access to. To win it is a great added bonus."

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The prize for this category is a workshop at Bullseye Glass Co. in Portland, USA, including hotel accommodation. This prize is typically valued at about US$2000-2400. We're extremely grateful to Bullseye Glass Co. for their continuing support of The Glass Prize.

This category was judged by our expert panel, including Lani McGregor, Michael Endo and Rodrigues Goncalves. Find out more about the judges here.

Highly Commended | Bullseye Glass Artists

Sarah Brown "Chocolate and Conversation"

Cake for me has far more significance than just something to eat, it’s the invitation to sit with friends or family and chat, that gift to tell someone you’re thinking of them and that opportunity to just pause. A symbol of something so normal, the ritual of going for afternoon tea; was for us, fragile, gone in an instant. The physical connections we have with each other cut in a flash, replaced with a digital alternative and now we can see each other again it’s something so precious. Combining casting and fusing techniques I have been able to transform glass to take on the qualities of cake, often using multiple firings and taking inspiration from traditionally recognised techniques and experimenting to make them work for this piece. As with traditional baking, practise make perfect as well as an ever expanding recipe book.

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Country: United Kingdom

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Suyeon Kim "Forest of Stools: Late Night"

“Forest of Stools (Stool Series)” is a body of work representing continual thoughts. These connected and stacked stools are indicating a continual thinking process, which when you sit down on one chair to consider one idea, another idea pops up and you move on to the next one. A stool indicates temporary time, which you can spend limited time on a stool because of its discomfort. Each stool is created individually from different glass stringers with the alcohol torch. Stacked glass line drawings of stools show the obsession of doing a repetitive action and collecting each impression of the drawing. From this series, I created a forest of stools, and I would like to invite the viewers to join this forest and share and empathize with their stories.

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Country: Republic of Korea

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Winner | Aspiring Glass Artists

Philip Bramhill "Under the Viaduct"

My inspiration was the love of the British canal system and life on a narrow boat. It was made from 3 firings. The background was made first using wet powders on 1mm fibre paper - bent and distressed to give the Bob Leatherbarrow crackle effect, then capped and fired. The viaduct was made in a custom cut fibre paper mould using crushed grey glass and full fused together. The narrow boat and train were made from cut glass and decorated with Glassline pens. The final fuse was a contour fuse adding clear frit to give the piece more depth. I'm currently in my second year of a glass fusing course at Bude College in Cornwall.

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Type of kiln used: Skutt Firebox 14

Country: United Kingdom

Philip BramhillAbout the Artist:

I took up glass fusing as a post lockdown, 'new start' project in 2020. From the start, I was blown away by the variety and choice of the colours and textures of glass that Warm Glass had to offer. Reading eBooks and subscribing to Bullseye video tutorials helped me advance by combining different techniques, and gave me the courage to try something new. My ultimate aim as a glass artist is to have my work exhibited in galleries.

"Winning this award is a huge stepping stone... I am absolutely delighted and truly honoured, as all of the other entries this year were of a very high standard."

The prize for the Aspiring Glass Artists category is a place on a Live Online Masterclass with Glass School, with highly experienced tutors. The winner will also receive a £100 Gift Voucher for Warm Glass UK, to spend on a huge range of glass fusing supplies and education.

The Aspiring Glass Artists category was voted for by the public on the Warm Glass UK Facebook page.


Winner | Open Glass Artists


Natalia Gerschcovich "Sitting Boy"

Since I arrived in Rio de Janeiro, what caught my attention the most was the amount of people living on the streets. Especially children. I was impacted by how this logic is embedded and normalized in people's daily lives. Those boys are part of the urban landscape, no one sees them because they have become an everyday image. The process of my work begins on the streets where I pass every day. When I see a certain situation I do not feel entitled to take a picture because I feel I would be invading the privacy of those who are sleeping, eating or just sitting on the street. That's why I recreate the pose in a photo shooting and from these photos, I start modeling the sculptures. Then I go through a molding process until I get to the glass sculpture. A poor boy walks invisible through the streets of any Brazilian city. This boy, who is almost always black, passes imperceptible through the dirty sidewalks of the metropolis on which he often shelters, expelled from home by domestic violence, forgotten by the government, ignored by the community, excluded from citizenship. Without perspectives and hope, without affective and symbolic ties with the social order, without points of connection with the dominant culture, the boy remains invisible.

Technique: Mould-making & Casting

Country: Brazil

Natalia GerschcovichAbout the Artist:

Natalia was born in Argentina and lived in Brazil for 20 years. Choosing to live and work in Rio de Janeiro, Natalia is a sculptor that works mainly with glass casting, with two lines of research: glass sculptures and photographs revealed on glass. Her works have been exhibited around the world, and are currently on display in Argentina, Italy and Bulgaria.

Alice Benive Gebhart, the judge of the Open Glass Artists, said of Natalia's work "the idea of portraying 'invisible children' but doing so with glass as a medium is intriguing. You have captured the pride and courage of your subject along with the roughness and fragility. The piece has a beauty that I believe you are trying to show in the spirit of your subject. I love the colors as well, rather than singling out one hue, you’ve added reds, browns, ambers. Superb execution."

View more of Natalia's work here.

The prize for the Open Glass Artists category is a £100 Gift Voucher for Warm Glass UK, to spend on a huge range of glass fusing supplies and education.

The Open Glass Artists category was judged by internationally renowned glass artist Alice Benvie Gebhart.

Highly Commended | Open Glass Artists


Hannah Gibson"Recycling Narratives, A Tangible Hope"

'A Tangible Hope' is cast from 100% recycled Covid 19 vaccination vials. The last two years has been an experience we will never forget. We all have our own story to tell. The same sea but a different boat. For many, these Covid 19 vaccination vials offered hope. Hope wrapped in a glass bottle. To date, 12.1 billion doses of the vaccination have been given worldwide. The question is what happened to those empty vaccination vials? I hope this piece will open a dialogue about glass, recycling and sustainability.

Technique: Casting

Type of glass used: 

Country: United Kingdom

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