The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Utopia"
Third Line:Winner
Fourth Line:Other Glass Artists 2017


I have a fascination for the phenomenon that a thought, an idea, a development, evolution, invention, design develops on the one side of the world and at the same time also on the "other" side. There must be a perceptible or human connection. There are enough theories about this phenomenon. What does it lead? Is that our DNA structure, is that a source, is that a control by a higher power, is that an energy stream? Fact is: IT IS REAL! Energy is an interaction between the smallest particles. The quantum theory. My Utopia is an attempt to imagine this phenomenon in its own way. The rotating shapes are separate worlds in a universe. They run in a network of energy, movement through motion. When the worlds are in balance, there is a bridge, a continuous line. The movement is needed to find that bridge. I want to live in a world that is in motion and constant development. I'm not looking for a fixed place where everything is perfect. I do not believe that. Stagnation means decline. Think about how you like turning the shape to the bottom left (it stands still). Movement creates new ideas, opportunities, inspiration.

Type of glass used: Float

Type of kiln used: Stip glass_Vesta