The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Make your Mark - be strong, show love"
Third Line:Bullseye Glass Artists 2020

"Make your Mark - be strong, show love"

In the ‘Make Your Mark’ series, I’ve looked to recreate some of the fantastic pictures and scenes from the bronze age rock carvings on the cliffs of Bohuslän and Tanum. The granite rocks with their grey tones, sometimes hints of pinks and grainy texture have all been captured in glass. The carvings or pictures are also recreated in glass. I’ve always seen them as being the graffiti of the bronze age as they reflect life as was but are still easy to relate to in current life. I also wanted to create a ‘modern’ version of the rock carvings and it felt natural to look at the art of graffiti and wall art. When creating the last in the series - ‘be strong, show love’, I’ve collaborated with the Swedish graffiti artist ‘Iron’ to use his image ‘vildhjärta’ based on Pippi Longstocking, recreating the image on the crumbling plaster of a bricked wall. I wanted this to show the difficulty in making your mark in today’s world fleeting and fickle environment, not like carving your pictures into granite for all to see thousands of years later.

Type of glass used: Bullseye powders

Type of kiln used: Skutt

United Kingdom