The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Storytelling cloth"
Third Line:Open Glass Artists 2020

"Storytelling cloth"

Fashion has always fascinated me. How does a dress go from a designer’s dream to runway reality? The process requires many steps, and each is very important. For many of us, clothing is a shallow thing. Dresses and fabrics represent protection, passion, attraction, purity, love, hidden desires and also secrets. Have you ever thought that we are always wearing someone else's story? Inspiration can be found everywhere, from museums to music, and the creation of sketches begins. It is behind the geometric pieces, asymmetric cuts, metallic design and shape where the true story of this corset begins. It is a story beyond structure and design. Corsetry has historically signified both beauty and oppression. This corset talks the history of women’s dress, restriction and emancipation.

Type of glass used: Oceanside System96

Type of kiln used: Evenheat