The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Scattered lives I"
Third Line:Open Glass Artists 2020

"Scattered lives I"

Scattered lives I is a glass landscape that reflects on the anthropocentric nature of humanity and deals with engaging with an already changed environment. The layered glass assemblage on which body parts and natural textures are printed using decals, forms an open ended narrative that explores the entanglement of different material bodies.The layers of glass overlap one another, creating alternating reflections and merges the floor's textured quality with the textures visible in the assemblage, by using the transparent quality of layered glass. The concrete floor's textures aesthetically contribute to the work by showing through, and reflecting in the work.The glass edges are treated in a way to ensure the safety of the viewer, while maintaining the sharp and dangerous quality of the material’s edge.This quality contributes to the concept of engaging with a dangerous and partially unknown environment emphasising the uncertainty and unchartered conditions of a posthuman world.

Type of glass used: Float glass

Type of kiln used: Skutt glass kiln

South Africa