The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Femininities"
Third Line:Other Glass
Fourth Line:2017


My glass objects meant to present different types of female attitudes, temperament types or the roles attributed to them through the medium of pieces of jewelry with hyperbolic, exaggerated forms. It was also something of an occasion to proceed with an undertaking the ultimate goal of which was to address the challenge of working in laboratory glass using the blowtorch and my own hands. Throughout the creative process I examined to what extent it was possible to manipulate the material. At the same time I scrutinized the obstacles engendered by the body which was defined as the medium and the main inspiration. I arrived at the point at which, paradoxically, the body ceased to be an autocrat for a piece of jewelry and the piece of jewelry ceased to be a mere decoration subordinate to the body. I emphasize the beauty of the body, the way it moves and it positions itself at a given moment.

Type of glass used: boro-silica glass rods

Type of kiln used: lampwork