The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Remembrance of space"
Third Line:Bullseye Glass Artists 2019

"Remembrance of space"

Throughout history, glass is most often used to create containers, vessels for food, drink ,storage and consumption. My work use glass as a container for my “memory of space”. Some of my earliest memories are a recollection of non-visual tactile sensations subconsciously computed for cognition of space. My investigation in glass was sought to recreate this memory of space in physical form. I use the materiality of glass, the translucency, the way it reveals interior space to reference the sense of space, I use computational physics simulation of an elastic plane to generate the form for the inner void to insinuate the formation and fluidity of our spatial consciousness. That is the idea behind this series, this iteration numbered third, uses a simple square to eliminate outside form as distraction, also frame the inner form. I am pleased to see the matte surface act as a veil to blur the inner form. It inherence the quality of memory blur.

Type of glass used: bullseye billet

Type of kiln used: unknow

United Kingdom