The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Mind Topography"
Third Line:Open Glass Artists 2020

"Mind Topography"

Mind Topography refers to the highland line, a geographic line that is often applied to the Scottish landscape, a naturally preserved place in part because of the highland clearances – a complex, historical event that evicted many families from the land. What remains is a sparsely populated natural world – a place of untouched beauty. This kiln cast glass work has a subtly drawn line running through the upper quarter of the piece, this highland line has been gently moved by the glass as it has flowed. The line is unclear, blurred, the glass captures this moment as a memory but it is fleeting, the landscape changes it is protected yet still it moves slowly over time, like melting ice. The landscape forms and reforms very slowly over time, we do not often take a step back and view it as a map, a map of Scotland, our resting place in our mind. This series of work has been inspired by a sense of place, created in copper cobalt and opal white kiln cast glass, mixed with ceramic aggregate these forms are a mix of transparent and opaque glass. Solid in form, they have been crafted by hand - cold worked, sandblasted and diamond cut.

Type of glass used: Gaffer

Type of kiln used: Kilncare - Trojan

United Kingdom