The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Unbalanced Balance"
Third Line:Open Glass Artists 2020

"Unbalanced Balance"

Balance is the state of a body when the sum of all the forces and moments that act in it is counteracted. Say that someone or something is in balance when, despite having little support base, remains standing without falling. We recognize balance in situations of harmony between different things or between parts of a whole. What better than to aspire to find this equilibrium, harmony and stability in our lives. Attitudes such as sanity, good sense and composure, for example, are taken as a sign of balance, and balance is related to stability. But to achieve this balance in our life, it is also necessary and interesting, to add a dash of madness and adventure, that allows us to experience and enjoy. The presence of geometric figures and bodies in the realization of these artworks, enhances the idea and the concept of balance, based on the geometry of space.

Type of glass used: Borosilicate

Type of kiln used: Paragon