The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"On the palm of your hand"
Third Line:Highly Commended
Fourth Line:Open Glass Artists 2020

"On the palm of your hand"

Gestures have great power. Looking at same one We can read is intentions. Hence the way We shake hands, (…)the meal has an impact on our relationship with orther people. Outstretched hands wait or off. It would seem that when props such as dishes come into play, the gesture is obscured and hidden. And indeed We often stop playing attention to the hands that give, and focus on the goods We take. However, this hand gesture is important to me. The glass object apparently does not remember how many times and in what intention it was used. And I am very curious how the tableware would look if every contact with the user had a formal impact on it. Hence the idea to show hand gestures in the shape of a plate. On the one hand, it is shifting the accent from the served object to the act itself, and on the other, an excuse to test yourself as a donor – will my hand fit? Can I offer something with the same graceful gesture as the form of glass tells me? Am I open enough to reach out to someone?

Type of glass used: White Spectrum glass

Type of kiln used: electric flat oven, manufacturer: Nabertherm