The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Breaking Ground"
Third Line:Open Glass Artists 2020

"Breaking Ground"

In Breaking Ground the imagery of a memory based landscape and geometric forms, enables the exploitation of our intrinsic cognitive understanding of three-dimensional space. This is a virtual space, as it is a space which no longer exists. Created in the mind’s eye of the observer. In this work a series of floating coloured frames in perspective individually generate a depth reference. These seemingly projected three-dimensional forms hint at the construction that is about to change this place. As the viewer walks around the work these frames float and animate, alluding to a virtual space beyond the depth or surface of the glass. Here glass acts as a facilitator, a catalyst, in transforming the pictorial two-dimensions into the perceived three-dimensional. A virtual sense of space and time is also fabricated, as the landscapes spatial reference poetically shifts and changes, in harmony with the observers movement past the work.

Type of glass used: Spectrum 96

Type of kiln used: Sure Fire Top loader

United Kingdom