The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"pots and pans from the potterīs wheel"
Third Line:Bullseye Glass Artists 2020

"pots and pans from the potter´s wheel"

Throwing glass paste on the wheel is more a side product resulting, while searching for the ideal paste to 3d extruder print, thanks to a ceramic studio opening up next door, and the awesome owner helping me with the uncommon paste on the wheel. I must admit the work is rather light on content, not addressing any problem, deep thought or deep fear of humanity, no scar, no memory, no trauma to heal, just pots and pans from the potter´s wheel . tallest object, H 27cm,all pate de verre, thrown on the potter´s wheel, except foamed glass lid, casted foot of little black/ emerald container and the lacy bowl. assistance on wheel: @Paz Costa, studio @LABU Photo credit: @chopchuka alias Sofia Farina from @imagenvitral

Type of glass used: bullseye frits and powder

Type of kiln used: bayres top loader kiln