The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Stilled Life"
Third Line:Open Glass Artists 2019

"Stilled Life"

When I first poured molten wax into a mould I was intent on a process to evoke life within these forms. Moulding the still warm wax in my hands produced ubiquity and ambiguity with forms reminiscent of shells, exoskeletons, feathers, petals, leaves… The intention wasn’t to create beauty; as nature is rarely pristine I deliberately sought accretions and flaws. I manipulated and degraded the casting processes, creating wax flow patterns, bubble-adhered surfaces and over-steamed moulds taken almost to point of failure. From a polished cone of conception the glass grew to show signs of life with all its distortions and imperfections.

Type of glass used: Gaffer

Type of kiln used: Kilncare

United Kingdom