The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Transition of Life"
Third Line:Aspiring Glass Artists 2020

"Transition of Life"

This is a glass artwork made of powdered glass from Bullseye print on Bullseye sheet which is kilned to look like a woven Adinkra symbol and Kente patterns. The glass fabric illustrates the life journey of the artist as the persona. It talks about his dream to learn, understand, teach and also to express his personal and culture identity. Is a never-ending art piece which detail the life chances that the artist is going through in order to achieve his aims. It starts from Ghana, with no knowledge in glass but opted pursue glass as master student. In the artwork, the artist has incorporated the tartan plus University of Sunderland crest on it to tell the knowledge he is gaining through the university and in UK as whole. Each glass talks about the stage of the artist, with Adinkra symbols and Kente patterns adding a philosophical meaning to it. Image credit: Carolyn Basing

Type of glass used: Bullseye

United Kingdom