The Glass Prize 2017
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Name of Work:"Mean Girls"
Third Line:Bullseye Glass Artists 2019

"Mean Girls"

"Mean Girls' is part of a larger series called “Sweet Fruit from the Garden of Fear”.
Systemic anger is a product of deep-rooted fear. Unaddressed, it can become a cherished component of the psyche.
These are scaled-up models of 50 calibre bullets; beautiful but lethal. Polished tips give the look of sacred totems brought to a high shine by the touch of anxious hands seeking comfort.
This is about the unattainable model of ‘perfect’ beauty and its inevitable handmaiden; insecurity, self-loathing and unhappiness.
Pretty pretty, pretty mean, pretty scared, pretty angry, pretty pretty.

Each object is 40cm (h) x 8cm (diameter).

Type of glass used: Bullseye

Type of kiln used: Woodford