The Glass Prize 2017

Results 2020

Winner | Bullseye Glass Artists


Yoshiko Okada "Transition"

This work is based on the famous painting called ‘Ophelia’ which I am inspired by and is painted by the British artist Sir John Everett Millais. I wanted to create an expression of this painting. I think that her hidden feelings, emotions, and memories had started to make her feel like she was apart from her body. For me it is almost like a boat floating down the river, taking her memories on another journey elsewhere. The trailing dress of 'Ophelia' is composed of leaves/boats of simple beauty, however in this piece the boats transform into little battleships at the end of her dress. This is a sort of symbolism of the soft feminine beauty being transformed into hard male aggressiveness of the warships.

Technique: Pâte de Verre

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Type of kiln used: Stanton

Country: France

About the Artist:

Yoshiko graduated from Seitoku University, Japan in 1992, receiving a Diploma in Fashion, looking at the design and manufacture of kimonos, dresses and fabrics. After moving to the UK, she received a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Design at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design University in 2004. Her inspiration is drawn from her cultural background and the mass of new experiences she found while living in UK and Europe. A personal dialogue runs through her work, often narrating personal or reflective concerns via form, image, or such like.

"Winning The Glass Prize 2020 is a delightful surprise and is a very welcome reminder that my work is seen and appreciated within a broader context, hopefully transferring the dialogue I had to its wider audience."

See more of Yoshiko's work here.

The prize for this category is a workshop at Bullseye Glass Co. in Portland, USA, including hotel accommodation. This prize is typically valued at about US$2000-2400. We're extremely grateful to Bullseye Glass Co. for their continuing support of The Glass Prize.

This category was judged by our expert panel, including Lani McGregor, Michael Endo and Geoffrey Bowton. Find out more about the judges here.

Highly Commended | Bullseye Glass Artists

Ian Chadwick "Symmetrical Composition Ref:2531145120135"

The glass I produce uses rotational symmetry as a tool to achieve patterns which exhibit a hypnotic, op-art effect. I use kiln-forming techniques to produce sheets of striped, coloured glass which are then deconstructed and reconstructed into mandala-like patterns. These arrangements are then kiln-fired and cold worked to produce the finished piece. Each piece I create within this pattern aesthetic are anchored in a specific moment in time. I follow a few programmed rules and each piece follows a rudimentary plan. Thereafter each layer of the pattern requires decisions to be made. The completed pattern is the result of multiple decisions being made and the end represents a mental conclusion. My state of mind guides these decisions and so the patterns differ with my mood at the particular time of production.

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Country: United Kingdom

Evelyn Gotschall-Baker "Balance"

Recently, my focus has been on how humans impact nature around us - are we acting as caretakers for the benefit of all beings, or are our actions destroying habitat to the detriment of all? This piece, “Balance” explores the relationship between humans to coyotes. We tend to think of coyotes living in the vast open areas of the western United States, but as the population of the United States increases and cities expand into the rural areas, coyotes have adapted so completely they are found living in urban areas even in the Eastern US. Is this really balance? Is this coexistence sustainable? The fragility of glass, and the precarious position of the coyote skull balanced on a human hand symbolizes the fragile relationship we humans have on other earthly inhabitants.

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Country: United States


Winner | Aspiring Glass Artists


Anthony Amoako Attah "Transition of Life"

My work seeks to investigate the philosophical, historical and political representation of the celebrated Adinkra symbols and indigenous Kente patterns with the use of a new medium (glass) into artworks and how people will perceive it in relation to the Ghanaian culture (my culture), and as my personal identity.  I am also interested in fabrics as it preserves the essence of its maker; traces of the wearer become entwined with the warp and weft, allowing physical objects to become containers for memory. I am inspired by life chances, the Akan proverbs and how people tell their own story in relation to the Ghanaian culture. I build upon these life moments within the history of Ghanaians and my own life in my works which are the main sources of my inspiration.

Technique: Screen Printing with Powders & Enamels

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Dimensions: 120 x 120cm

Country: United Kingdom

About the Artist:

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Ghana, Anthony moved to the UK where he is currently studying for his PhD at the University of Sunderland. His future plan is to teach glass art, serving as a bridge between Ghana and the contemporary world of glass art. He hopes to work on commissions for galleries, museums and corporate institutions to exhibit his works, whilst developing his portfolio for interior design and jewellery. See more of Anthony's work here

"This award brought amazing light to my life as an artist and this will not end here but it will be continuous till I die. It means never to lose hope or deviate from your true purpose. I was born as an artist and I will die as artist. I see glass as a 'Host' upon which I feed as a 'Parasite' to bring my personal and cultural identity through the use of Kente pattern and traditional Adinkra symbols. Glass is a material I cannot stop feeding on because it is a never ending food to the glass artist."

The prize for the Aspiring Glass Artists category is a Personalised Day workshop at the Warm Glass UK studio, with highly experienced tutors. With up to three guests, this prize is worth over £600.

The Aspiring Glass Artists category was voted for by the public on the Warm Glass UK Facebook page.


Winner | Open Glass Artists


Kelda Morris "Tipping Point"

This piece speaks to the feelings of sadness, panic and hope evoked by this Summer’s Australian bushfire season. A possum’s pelvic bone is used as a recurring motif to carry and explore the changing colours of a country consumed by fire: A memorial to the estimated 1 billion animals that perished in the bushfires, the forms also allude to demon-like faces claimed to have been seen by those fighting on the frontlines. The glass bones fade from eucalypt tones into colours of fire, and finally into the black of charred remains. They are presented in a circle – depictive of a ticking clock. The time in which to act against climate change becomes shorter, reaching a tipping point in deep, penultimate black.

Technique: Lost Wax Casting

Type of glass used: Gaffer Casting Crystal

Type of kiln used: Cobcraft

Country: New Zealand

Kelda MorrisAbout the Artist:

Kelda is an emerging glass artist who uses glass as a tool to capture light, with which she explores her strong connection to place. She holds a Diploma of Creativity from The Learning Connection (NZ), and an Honours Degree from The School of Art & Design, Australian National University (Glass). She has attended Master Classes at the Corning Museum of Glass (NY), the Australian National University, and the Canberra Glassworks (Australia).

"This award is a huge step in my career, as it has been for many artists who I look up to. The Glass Prize provides me with an international platform to speak for our environments - both locally and globally - and to encourage creative thinking around climate change. I am excited to contribute to this movement in our constantly evolving political and ecological world."

View more of Kelda's work here.

The prize for the Open Glass Artists category is a £100 Gift Voucher for Warm Glass UK, to spend on a huge range of glass fusing supplies and education.

The Open Glass Artists category was judged by internationally renowned glass artist Richard Parrish.

Highly Commended | Open Glass Artists


Jagoda Nowak-Bieganowska "On the palm of your hand"

Country: Poland

View more of Jagoda's work here.



Nilgün Dicle "Liberty"

Country: Turkey

View more of Nilgün's work here.