The Glass Prize 2017

Results 2019

Winner (Bullseye Glass Artists 2019):

Geoffrey Bowton "Contagion Series: Lost Components"

One day, I decided to convert personal military objects into a mold making and material transfer process by using my old service issued items that were stowed away. Represented in the glass techniques of Pâte de Verre, I created a body of work that represents relics from the soldier's past. I called the work Contagion Series: Lost Components. These Pâte de Verre vessels refer to objects that hold old memories and combat stories, which have been transformed to investigate the various struggles of the veteran population. The hollow burned out internals of the glass vessel convey new stories—pain, struggle, burdens, mental weight, injury, recovery, and the complexities of re-entry into civilian life. A new understanding of these stories is introduced through these objects, instigating a dialogue about military service and veteran experience.

Technique: Pâte de Verre

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Type of kiln used: Paragon

Country: USA

Geoffrey Bowton The Glass Prize 2019 WinnerAbout the Artist:

My path to becoming an artist began while embedded inside a combat zone. After deploying to the Middle East for the Army, and subsequently returning to non-military life, I discovered the potential of art to both reconcile and share my experience. Using materials such as metal and glass, I embody the psychic and physiological effects war has on the soldier's body through installation and sculpture. I use relics of war to evoke the memory and feeling for individual soldiers. These relics, taken out of the frame of a soldier's life and recreated by me, operate indexically to create a new memory of war based on impartiality and context. Ultimately, my work confronts military service and re-entry into civilian life - examining the physical and mental impact that I, and many infantry personnel must overcome. For more information, visit Geoffrey's website.

What does winning The Glass Prize mean to you?

"Being selected on an international stage excites me, for the opportunity of expanding my footprint as an artist. I believe my work has a connective thread that extends to service members, their family and friends, beyond the United States. My dreams are to open positive and healing conversations that help establish a new understanding to service members post war; to mend the lives of those involved and to bring an awareness to those who are seeking understanding of the before, during and after effects of military service."

The prize for this category is a workshop at Bullseye Glass Co. in Portland, USA, including hotel accommodation. This prize is typically valued at about US$2000-2400. We're extremely grateful to Bullseye Glass Co. for their continuing support of The Glass Prize.

This category was judged by our expert panel, including Lani McGregor, Michael Endo and Saman Kalantari. Find out more about the judges here.



Highly Commended (Bullseye Glass Artists 2019)

Jenny Judge "Whistler Rock Faces"

Country: Canada/New Zealand

View more of Jenny's work on her website.


Suyeon Kim "Forest of Stools"

Country: Korea

View more of Suyeon's work on her website.

Winner (Aspiring Glass Artists 2019)

Natalia Komorowska "Golden Autumn - Disk"

Technique: Pâte de Verre  Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 5cm

Type of glass used: Bullseye Glass

Country: Poland

"The inspiration for the creation of this work was a beautiful golden autumn in the Izera Mountains in Poland. When I finish my studies, I have a master's degree next year. This will help me orientate the artistic path and will allow me to broaden my knowledge in the field of glass forming techniques, especially with the possibilities that Bullseye glass gives. I connect my future with glass - my dream is to continue learning with glass as a doctoratal degree after studying my master's."

See more of Natalia's work here.


The prize for the Aspiring Glass Artists category is a Personalised Day workshop at the Warm Glass UK studio, with highly experienced tutors. With up to three guests, this prize is worth over £600.

The Aspiring Glass Artists category was voted for by the public on The Glass Prize Facebook page.



Winner (Open Glass Artists 2019)

Technique: Glass Casting

Type of glass used: Gaffer Casting Crystal

Country: United Kingdom

"My inspiration comes from looking at the underlying structure of life – the geometric patterns which lie at the heart of everything (though sometimes you need a microscope to see them!)  I see pieces like Colony of Colonies as abstraction in reverse: Instead of mimicking a specific plant or animal, I start with  simple geometric building blocks (here triangles) and use them to move towards something which looks more representational of life. See more of Georgia's work here.

The prize for the Open Glass Artists category is a £100 Warm Glass Gift Voucher, to spend on a huge range of glass fusing supplies.

The Open Glass Artists category was judged by internationally renowned glass artist Bob Leatherbarrow.


Highly Commended (Open Glass Artists 2019)

Lois Parker "Washday"

Country: United Kingdom

View more of Lois' work on her website.