The Glass Prize 2017

Winner (Bullseye Glass Artists Category):

Marina Hanser  "Below Skin Deep"

My work is inspired by the notions of physical and psychological wounds and scars, caused by emotional trauma, such as grief and bereavement. Glass is an essential material for my work as it can be wounded much like human skin. I use the transparency and translucency of glass to reveal what distress lies within. Wounding and Healing is an important aspect in my work, which I apply by filling carved voids with a paste of finely ground glass and using the heat of the kiln to restore the surface.     Click to see full Artists statement 

The piece is created using Bullseye glass, billets, frits and powders.

The Bullseye Glass category was judged jointly by Lani McGregor, co-owner of Bullseye Glass Company and Michael Endo, Glass Artist and Curator of Bullseye Glass Gallery. 

Marina's work can be viewed at her website at




The prize for this category is donated by BULLSEYE GLASS CO; it is worth $2,400 and includes a return flight from the UK to Portland, Oregon, USA, 5 nights accommodation at the Hotel Modera and a conference pass to BECon 2015. We thank Bullseye Glass Co for their incredible support. Visit their site here: 


 Highly Commended (Bullseye Glass Artists Category):


Jenny Trinks



Joshua Hershman



Winner (Bullseye Glass Schools Category):

Alex Barlow (Year 11, The King’s School, Macclesfield)  "Retro Gaming"

Alex studied imagery from old computer games and produced a panel in which he bent stringers over a candle flame to form the shapes of characters from his studies. It is made with Tekta and Bullseye stringers.

The prize for this category is also sponsored by BULLSEYE GLASS CO. You can visit their site by clicking HERE

The Bullseye Glass category was judged by Lani McGregor, co-owner of Bullseye Glass Company and Director of The Bullseye Glass Gallery.

Bullseye Glass Co. are providing a prize worth approximately US$1,700 to Alex's school of one Paragon BenchTop 16 Glass Kiln, Starter Kit  and a Class Pack of Bullseye Glass





Winner (Other Glass category):

Paul Messink  "Gnarled Sentinels”

Hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels that exhibit nature in deep dimension. Using enamel applied by hand, Paul creates depth using several techniques: layering, diminishing size and color, texture, and translucence. Typically 9-12 layers of glass are used, then kiln-cast into a solid panel after all layers are complete.

Paul’s work can be viewed here:

The winner of this category was voted for by public vote. The other finalists were: Alys Rainbird, Cynthia Miller, Crispian Heath and Evelyn Dunstan.