The Glass Prize 2017

           Winner (Bullseye Glass Category)

            Anna Mlasowsky

            "SOUND VISIONS"

Everything we do is creating waves and movement of air in an action specific patterns, which can be made visible on vibrating surfaces, like water. Glass powder mixed with water can materialize those waves during the process of settling. The results are frozen Images of otherwise unseen motions of actions.

The Bullseye Glass category was judged jointly by Lani McGregor, co-owner of Bullseye Glass Company and Michael Endo, Glass Artist and Curator of Bullseye Glass Gallery.          

In announcing their decision, the judges said:  "When artists choose a material to work with, familiarity is often the most potent factor.This results in work where a concept is warped or diluted to fit the artist's preferred material. Or a material is overwrought in order to force it to behave like another medium, say paint or ceramic. Mlasowsky's entry does neither of these. Many artists have tried to represent wave or sound forms in glass, but the process often involves complicated mold-making, casting and slumping. Anna has used the intrinsic properties of glass powder and water to create an elegant expression of the unseen."

Anna's work can be viewed at her website at

The prize for this category is kindly donated by BULLSEYE GLASS CO; it is worth $2,400 and includes a return flight from the UK to Portland, Oregon, USA, 5 nights accommodation at the Hotel Modera and a conference pass to BECon 2013. We thank Bullseye Glass for their continued support.

           Highly Commended (Bullseye Glass Category)

            Jennifer Halvorson





                Winner (Artists category)

                Cathryn Shilling

                "Static Movement"

Photo : Ester Segarra

This piece creates movement from static images embedded in glass. Static Movement is an inverted zoetrope, lit from within and containing Eadweard Muybridge’s iconic sequence of the sprinter.
The motion of the sprinter can be seen by moving around the piece or by spinning the piece on its manual turntable.

The Artists category was judged by Alan Poole, Co-founder of Dan Klein Associates, a world-authority on contemporary glass.

Cathryn's work can be viewed at her website at

The prize for this category is £500 of WGUK gift vouchers to spend on products or classes that we offer.


                                                      Highly Commended (Artists Category)

                                                    Max Lamb







                                                     Highly Commended (Artists Category)

                                    Graeme Thyer






Special Mentions were also awarded to:

Erin Dickson "Window 2"

Wilmer Fernandez "Gift of Life"

Emma Garnham "To Those Who Have Fallen...."

Robyn Townsend "Trapped"




Winner (Students Category)

Presiana Shisheva

"Between Nature and Society...."


Presiana's work can be viewed at her website at


The prize for this category is one of our One Day Glass Classes at the Resource Centre.